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My Anam Cara Transformational Life Coach for Women

The Essential Transformation

For the Modern Woman is to fully actualize her potential as a feminine being.
WHEN YOU connect WITH YOUR OWN deep core

You can ignite the power of your whole being

Actualize the depth of your spirit

Become the force of Nature you were meant to be

I'm Heidi Metcalf. MA, LPCC


for Awakening Women

My Anam Cara, means soul friend in Gaelic, the language of my Celtic Ancestors. There is a particular role that the “Anam Cara” plays by sensing into the deep soulful part of you and amplifying back your truth.

Twenty years of guiding sincere souls through incredible shifts in their lives, has shown me this simple and beautiful truth…When we have the support we need,  we can activate our natural capacity to evolve and grow, love and be loved, and embody our whole self.

Heidi Metcalf Transformational Life Coach
THE steps WE walk
Image by Milad Fakurian


We co-create a safe container of trust in our coaching relationship

Image by Di Maitland


I guide you to deepen into presence to your powerful core

Image by Milad Fakurian


You move beyond the constructs to the truth, through gentle inquiry

Image by Di Maitland


You establish new ways of being that transform

your life

The delightful discovery of the awakening woman is that our feminine energy naturally draws us toward our healing.

When our potential, one might even say destiny, rises to materialize, it pushes up against our internal constructs, and we suffer. But, we can take heart! Our challenges are emerging now to be healed, to make room for the force of nature we were born to be.

It is central at these crossroads, to sit with an Anam Cara, who will help reveal the gateways open to us, encourage us to lean into our power, and gently guide us to manifest intentions based on our true alignment.

My Anam Cara Transformational Life Coach
Image by Sincerely Media


We Move Through

Feeling Stuck to
Expanded Capacity
Disconnection to Embodiment
From Doubt to
Self Esteem
Addressing Anxiety to Address the Root Issue
Allowing the wave of loss to Move
Overthinking to
Deep Calm
Feeling 'Not Enough' to Claiming Our Sovereignty
Divorce to a Greater Love for Yourself
Image by frank mckenna
"Honestly, I was in therapy for years and I don’t think it was as powerful or moving as our one evening together. I want more!"

Michele from Napa on her first visit

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