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THE steps WE walk


We co-create a safe container of trust in our coaching relationship


I guide you to deepen into presence to your powerful core


You move beyond the constructs to the truth, through gentle inquiry


You establish new ways of being that transform your life



Feeling Stuck to
Expanded Capacity for Growth

When we are stuck, we suffer, and this signals a need for change. The old way is no longer working for us. We need to bring about change, to move into alignment, for the sake of ourselves and our loved ones, and to actualize our soul purpose.


In my practice, we follow the organic transformative process that naturally occurs with our presence and our intention. We then can address the current imbalance, and also up-level how we experience life from our power within. If you want a greater capacity for love and life, with courage, clarity, and wellness, you are ready for a life transformation.

Disconnection to Embodiment

Core connection is at the heart of my practice. Being present in our bodies impacts our lives on every level. We may feel locked out of our own bodies due to millennia of undermining conditioning and/or trauma that we have experienced in our female bodies. The double whammy is that not only is this injurious in the first place, but the disconnect from our miraculous female bodies keeps us from connecting with our deep rooted power.

This can show up as not knowing our depth, being fearful of expressing our whole sensual self, numbness, or feeling misunderstood on a deep level. This disconnection saps our lust for life and cries out to be remedied. With my coaching, you will be guided to the deeper realms of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual core, where you connect with the greater Creative Source of life. My guidance is not religious in nature, but explorative, as I gently guide you back to your spiritual power within- to the realm of compassion, healing, and transformation.

From Doubt to
Self Esteem

Self esteem is the keystone of how we experience our lives, either in calm confidence or ruthless self criticism. If you suffer from low self esteem, we will illuminate the deeper truth about the beautiful being that you are, that self that may be hidden under negative conditioning, shaming, and a harsh inner critic.


As we loosen this knot of misunderstandings and mistreatment, you will begin to see your own bright light. You find where you shine- your special gifts and skills. This shifts how you show up in the world, and empowers you to co-create your life in alignment with the core of who you really are.

Melting Away

Managing stress is a major factor in our lives today. We now know just how insidious stress is, affecting our health and well being, deteriorating our bodies, minds and spirits. In my practice, we shift out of our agitated state to melt gently into a relaxed way of being in our feeling bodies, with compassion.


It is exactly mental and emotional anguish that can keep us from accessing the powerful wisdom and calm that exists deep within each of us. I will coach you to shift out of your stress and move into a place of calm motivation. You can learn to utilize these tools and techniques on your own, as well.

Overthinking to Deep Calm

If you feel trapped in debilitating thought and behavior, perhaps it is time to call on your own personal Anam Cara. As the champion of your whole self, I will help shift you from a habitual stressed state of mind to gently relax into your calm powerful self. Then we respectfully inquire of your connected and whole presence, what is the deeper truth?


We can allow those things to emerge which have previously been inaccessible. It is the gentle holding of these awarenesses with compassion that ultimately dissolves uncertainty and pain. It is the holding of these experiences in a safe and understanding container that allows them to finally heal. Once you dissolve the untruths, the energy and expansiveness from your new vantage point reigns, and we can help you chart the new course of your life, one that is deeply aligned with the truth of you, the bliss of you, and the wholeness of you.

Tracking Anxiety to Heal the Root Issue

Our anxieties point us in the direction of our unresolved fears, to places of pain and disconnection within. When we are able to relax beneath those fears in a safe container of trust with an Anam Cara, we can access the deeper truth.


Sometimes our anxiety is a normal, helpful, reaction to get us to do something in our immediate surroundings to keep us safe. Or our anxiety may be triggered from a previous experience that has not been entirely resolved, a “trauma,” and is emerging for us to heal it now in a loving way. Or if you have an unsettled, gnawing feeling there may be a soul desire that has not been acknowledged. These are major themes in my practice. The symptoms reveal a gateway toward clarity, growth, and healing.

From Feeling 'Not Enough' to Claiming Our Sovereignty

If you are exhausted from running around taking care of other’s needs because you think that is your only value in this world, it is time to stop and claim your sovereignty. Remember, your deepest value comes from simply being the sacred individual that you are. If you are constantly feeling the need to prove yourself, or it is hard for you to believe that your existence itself

makes you worthy, then you are undoubtably suffering. In our sessions together, we address your limiting beliefs, and listen for the deeper truth to reveal and release the pressure that caused you to turn on yourself. A space is then liberated for you to form an unshakable inner bond that encourages your own hopes and desires to surface. Then you can set your intentions of your life from a new center...your own alignment!

From Divorce to Finding a Greater Love for Yourself

Our feelings shake and shift in divorce. We are moving through a whole spectrum of emotions. In this time of huge transition, we have a golden opportunity to re-do our relationships, our dynamics, our life trajectory, and our contracts with ourselves and others.


As a divorce survivor myself, and mindful co-parent, I can help to make this painful situation a little more tolerable, and help you move beyond helplessness to reap the hidden treasures of self actualization, fulfillment, and power in your own life.

Allowing the Wave of loss to Move

The key to surviving loss and grief is to stay the course, though it may be a winding path. Time itself can soften it, but to heal we need to feel. The simple things that most clients need to move through their grief, are, a safe and caring place to be with their emotions, a compassionate ear, and the permission to feel whatever is coming up. Then the natural process of grieving can occur and healing will take place. If you are finding that you need those simple things, I can help.


We can also address other experiences that often come up when there is a loss. It’s almost like the emotions from long ago all rush in to be acknowledged. This can be overwhelming. But there is a goodness in this. These feelings are emerging to be healed, and when we have those simple things- a safe container, a good listener, and permission to feel, they can heal.


When we are sad and allow ourselves to move through our emotion organically like a wave that crests and dissolves onto the shore, we may not be happy, but we find relief. When we have not allowed ourselves to ride that wave, and stuff our feelings over and over again, we fall into depression.


If you are feeling weighted down and unmotivated this is a call for you to listen deeply to yourself with compassion. This is a very good time to reach out for help in your sadness. In my practice, we work together to shift negative energies into a place of safe inquiry, so that you can move through the healing process that has thus far been stunted.

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