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Marie from Albuquerque confides...

Working with Heidi has really transformed my life.


When I began, I was overwhelmed and filled with stress and anxiety. I never stood up for myself and I was scared to take risks, worried about everything.


With Heidi’s help I have been able to completely transform my life, and have been able to find my power!


I have been able to care for myself, to be a better mom for my kids, and I have also been able to face so many fears that I would have never been able to before. Fears from driving on the freeway to leaving toxic situations to managing my health.


I am forever grateful for Heidi and everything she has taught me and helped me to understand about life and myself.

Image by Jennifer Martin
Image by Simon Berger

Erica from Ljubljana, Slovenia tells how her grief transformed...

My husband had been gone one year when I went to Heidi for spiritual guidance. I still had trouble being still with myself.


Every time I tried to meditate or be silent or turn inward, I ended
up sobbing. I was in a constant state of distraction and flight, and longed for inner calm...Heidi suggested we use the relaxation chair.


I had the most amazing experience, a joyous and loving farewell from my husband, ending magically at the place of his death, which had previously been a site of pain and trauma for me.


It was a turning point in my grieving process, and I believe it happened because of Heidi’s own inner peace, her loving nature, and her openness to alternative ways of perception.

Michele from Napa on her first visit...

I felt very comfortable with Heidi on every level and the manifesting experience was truly transformative. And fun.


I left feeling excited, centered, inspired, in awe and at the same time, calm.


Honestly, I was in therapy for years and I don’t think it was as powerful or moving as our one evening together. I want more!

Andrea from St. Helena describes what to expect...

Heidi brings immense love to her work, a palpable wisdom to her guided meditations, and a trusted space in which we can come home to ourselves.


Her practice enlivens and heals our
world, one client at a time, and for that, I am so grateful.

Sarah from San Francisco shares her experience…

Heidi was so inspiring to me!


When I was going through a hard time with burnout, stress, and self-doubt, her guidance and positivity really helped me regain my confidence to tackle my problems head on, and feel validated in my difficult feelings.


She is truly a blessing and I so recommend her to any women who needs to reground themselves!

Image by Alexey Demidov

When we have the support we need, we evolve and heal.

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